Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Leaving your father and mother

I'm not one to brag, but it's important to note before going on that I'm a bestselling author. You've know doubt heard of my book, The Bible, but it's not always so clear you -- that's the universal you -- know what is in it. For example: I told Adam quite early on that man would one day leave his father and mother (yes, this was confusing for Adam, who had no parents) to take a beautiful bride. Marriage and family and offspring, amen!

But too many of my children these days have missed a crucial part of that statement: "shall leave his father and mother." You've heard of them. They're called Twixters, and they are like Tom Hanks in "Big" -- growing older and larger but not yet ready to forgo free rent, even, in many cases, after they have cleaved to a spouse.

I am not pleased.

(Fear not if you think this commentary a ridiculous topic; you will not be smited. Just leave your comments below.)

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Christina said...

This blog is hilarious and it is about to become a link on my blog. Keep up the posts, i haven't read something this amusing in a while!